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Mereo family +1!

We are very happy to welcome Léo Jullien as a new member of Mereo’s team! His mission will be, among others, to participate in our Price & Place product lifecycle management, from its conception to its distribution, being in charge of designing and conducting the strategy to promote it. You will have the opportunity to meet during upcoming events. In the meantime, we give him the floor in this article below.

Hello Mereo

The most striking memories I keep from my professional career are from experiences of cooperation, co-construction, brotherhood life, moments of union and celebration with other people, whether colleagues, partners or clients. By the bye, I make the same observation in my personal life. This reflection reminds me that social and human interactions are key to my balance and well-being. Working as a team, exchanging views, taking part in group reflections and debates, defining and pursuing common goals, exploring synergies, this is what drives me at work.

While I was meeting Mereo’s team, as the first interviews went by and then during the annual Mereo university (to which I was lucky enough to attend), some pleasant feelings and sensations happened to strengthen my first intuition about this new professional adventure.

I have been seduced by this opportunity to join a team of great professionals experts of their field, which interact by virtue of a stimulating corporate governance that considers and places every single employee at the heart of decision-making processes and company’s purpose & project. I have also been fascinated by the tremendous human sensibility of the group and the powerful aura of benevolence that emanates from it.

On business side, I immediately embraced the business vision of Mereo as well as its collaborative approach which aims and promotes the establishment of virtuous and long-term cooperation & synergies with its clients and partners. I see in Price & Place an excellent Smart Booking/Revenue Management tool with strong potential, developed on the grounds of an extended revenue management expertise gained over the years in multiple sectors, and with an attractive and audacious roadmap ahead to consolidate its distinction among the Outdoor industry. Beyond the great software functionalities, customer’s experience is enhanced thanks to a fantastic functional & operational support (even organizational in some cases), which brings together technical expertise, know-how and an extraordinary human listening. To me, Mereo is the perfect fit for all the media owners seeking a trustworthy partner who systematically implements quality and continuous improvement in a collaborative manner and in the long run.


Off to Amsterdam !

It is with this motivating vision in mind and full of enthusiasm that I took my first flight in a while, off to Amsterdam to meet my dear colleagues Luka Djukic & Elias Bauguil to attend my first event of the sector: the AdTech OOH Europe 2021 conference, organized by DailyDOOH and sponsored by Mereo, among others.

This annual event brings together the major players and leaders in the European OOH/DOOH landscape, offering a unique and comprehensive insight into the latest news, trends and advances in our industry.

A great occasion for a first contact with the sector, a bunch of meetings, learnings and reflections about the ongoing challenges and stakes of the OOH/DOOH world.

I particularly appreciated the quality of the presentations delivered by key actors of the industry as well as the interaction and exchanges with partners, competitors, prospects and old friends of Mereo. Those nice moments, with smiles and friendly pats, drew my attention to the esteem, respect and consideration of the conference hosts and participants towards Mereo people and its business expertise.

One of the flagship topics of the conference was the programmatic trading and the related stakes for the Out of Home industry. As a reminder, Mereo, sponsor of the event and member of the UKOOH Technical Standards Committee¹, is active in the definition, standardization and implementation of good practices for programmatic trading in the Out of Home sector, as highlighted by Mr. Tim Harvey (Founder at Knitting Media Ltd) during the last presentation of the day.

Back in May 2021, we were proud to announce that Mereo had implemented OpenDirect (OOH) 1.5.1², making Price & Place (our smart booking, planning optimization and revenue management system for OOH and DOOH) one of the first media owner solutions to be ready to transact with buyers via this new protocol.

At Mereo, we are convinced that programmatic trading is both a challenge and a formidable opportunity for the Out of Home industry.. Its main benefits, automation and optimization of the sales process, are fully in line with our approach and taken into account in our software solutions.

Let's meet !

For further information on the topic, our solutions and services, all the Mereo team and myself are at your disposal to meet-up, to read you and listen to you.

¹The UKOOH Standards Committee is a collaboration between Outsmart and IPAO with a focus on the development of common standards or data points which improve cross industry operational effectiveness and efficiency.

²OpenDirect (OOH) 1.5.1 is a community extension of the IAB Tech Lab‘s OpenDirect 1.5.1 schema. It aims to provide a common language for programmatic transactions between (D)OOH media owners and buyers, while integrating the specificities of the Out of Home media. For further information, see this article from Outsmart³. Mereo has actively participated in co-designing the new standard and still contributes to its improvement as a member of the UKOOH Technical Standards Committee¹ on Ocean Outdoor’s behalf. This membership allows us to play a part in the transformation of the industry, proposing an ever more advanced and automated approach to the medium and providing advertisers with limitless creative opportunities.

³Outsmart is the UK trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry. It collaborates with all parts of the industry to provide a central reference point for its members, aiming to protect and advance their relationships with the advertising community, the public and national and local government.