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What challenges for the leisure industry?

In the leisure industry, Revenue Management has had to adapt to the rapidly changing market and find ever more sophisticated optimization levers. Major shifts occurred in a short time: growing competitiveness brought by new types of accommodation, fragmentation of the demand, multiplication of distribution channels, rating systems, etc. This industry has constantly reinvented itself!

This ever-changing environment has made leisure one of the most advanced industries in terms of Revenue Management today.

The challenge is now finding the secret recipe to activate relevant optimization levers in the appropriate proportions and at the right time. The use of artificial intelligence and forecast is now essential to drive sales. Beware however of neglecting business logic in favor of often too complex and opaque models.

At Mereo, we aim to provide you with efficient tools and models supported by a transparent and fully configurable piloting approach, all of that accompanied by a tailor-made support for your teams.

What optimization levers?

Client segmentation

Analyze, forecast and manage demand segments to find the best balance between loading and value

Loading & overbooking

Adjust capacities based on forecast of no-shows and upgrade possibility

Length of stay management

Manage length of stay to avoid planning polarization and optimize loading

Dynamic pricing strategy

Set seasonal and dynamic rates to optimize the fit between a product and the demand for it

Management of Group demand

Determine a pricing strategy dedicated to groups, simulate and assess the cost of moving other segments