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Our team of geeks

Abraham Toledano

The lead voice

Christophe Monroy

You know I'm right

Julien Augris

The shared memory

Luka Djukic

Luke Scribewalker

Nicolas Médard

Fashion is a cycle

Elias Bauguil

The feel-good fanatic

Ofélia Villavicencio

The fairy lady

Pascal Thomas

Doctor (data ware) House

Mamadou Kanté

The strength of zen

Emmanuel Delmasure

Geek is the new sexy

Julie Thiennet

the Kind jailer

Jeoffray Fortuné

The control tower

Samir Dris

Space catboy

Sébastien Debrard

The problem sniffer

Hanitra Raliarimanana

bang on time!

Lola Dubosc

I'm in!

Léo Jullien

Business rocks

Jean-Paul Ribeiro

feedback to basic