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Out of Home OOH/DOOH

What challenges for the Out of Home industry?

Out of Home OOH/DOOH has given advertisers access to a vast communication network with localised targeting capabilities.

By nature its inventory covers a wide variety of geographical environments (public transport, retail, roadside, etc.), formats (large format, street furniture, etc.), and types (classic, digital).
Screens can be grouped into networks or sold individually, and then evaluated based on multiple performance criteria depending on the target and objectives of the campaign.

This diversity is a great strength, but it also entails a growing complexity for systems and sales processes.

The challenges go from availability optimization, to dynamic pricing, not forgetting offer management and being able to deal with an increasing number of sales channels (programmatic, marketplaces, etc.).  

Mereo pioneered the implementation of Revenue Management techniques in OOH as early as 2002. We have since supported our clients by developing optimization solutions adapted to the specific needs of this industry, including booking, sales workflow, inventory and offer management, and dynamic pricing.

What optimisation levers?

Creating specific offers

Build dynamic and specific offers to increase the value of each part of your inventory

Availability management

Create campaigns based on different sales modes, check availability and book

Price optimization

Set seasonal and dynamic pricing rules that best represent the value of each asset

Programmatic selling

Gain direct access to SSPs and DSPs via programmatic booking by API

Automated planning

Serve campaigns in a flexible way and optimize your current and forecasted planning

For further information, discover Price & Place, our solution dedicated to the Out of Home industry.