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Media Radio/TV

What challenges for the media industry?

Revenue Management has steadily established itself in the media Radio/TV industry in the 90s. In an extremely competitive sector subjected to a highly seasonal demand, the importance of these techniques has never stopped growing since.

It is however no simple task in a business where the inventory and sales processes are so complex: fluctuating demand and prices, multiplicity of audience targets, variety of KPIs to track… All these challenges can quickly become a headache for the Revenue Management team, who struggle to find the answers to their questions.

How to measure the value of a client? What are the ways to optimize the inventory? How to manage dynamic pricing? What tradeoffs need to be made in attractive periods? How to ensure that salespeople follow pricing recommendations?

So many questions that we’ve been addressing for the last 20 years! Mereo was indeed established in 2000 to deal with optimisation challenges in the Radio/TV industry. Pioneers of Revenue Management in this business, we have been helping media owners take up the challenge of optimisation via our software solutions and tailor-made support!

What optimization levers?

Creating specific offers

Build tailor-mode offers for your clients (advertisers, sectors, etc.) to make the most out of them and maximize their satisfaction

Availability management

Ensure that the inventory needed to serve your demand is available at different lead times and guarantee a high service rate

Sales strategy

Adapt and drive your sales effort based on KPIs, key indicators on profitability, challenges, and the satisfaction of your clients

Advertiser profitability

Measure, score, and classify your clients based on deal profitability, development potential, and long-term value

Consistency of objectives

Build realistic objectives that are easy to monitor and update throughout the business year