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Mereo renews its FEPE membership for 2016

For the second year in a row, Mereo – creator of a revenue management software for the advertising industry – has renewed its membership to the FEPE (Fédération Européenne de la Publicité Extérieure). With this membership, the company can showcase its expertise in yield management, a key issue in the static and digital Out of […]

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Member of the Digital Media Club since May 2016

Mereo – consulting firm and creator of a revenue management software for the Out of Home advertising industry – has become an active member of the Digital Media Club. With this membership, the company can showcase its expertise in yield management, a key issue in the digital media industry.

Established 3 years ago, the Digital Media […]

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January 2016 Seminar : everybody to the Cantal!

Once more, Mereo held an original company seminar for the greatest pleasure of its members.

Mereo, consulting firm in Yield Management, publishes software aiming to optimize the revenue generated by media sales houses.

In order to strengthen team spirit and discuss strategic and organizational issues, Mereo invited all of its members to spend a week in snowy […]

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Revenue management partner of programmatic buying & marketplace workshop in London

London Digital Signage Week took place May 16-20, 2016 and like its counterpart in New York, the week included different events like the Daily DOOH Summit, the Programmatic Buying and Market place workshop etc… This event was aimed at software companies for digital out of home and retail.

For the first time, Adrian Coterill and Russ Curry from […]

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DSF organizes a big event in New york

The 2nd New York Digital Signage Week took place November 2-6, 2015. This year, DOOH (Digital Out of Home) was in the spotlight. Like for London Digital Signal Week, the event’s European counterpart, Mereo and numerous Anglo-Saxon industry players attended the annual meeting.

The speakers focused on DOOH and digital displays in the Retail industry. They […]

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Digital Signage Summit Europe : two days of conference in Munich

OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe (formerly OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich) is Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home (DooH) industry. Next to presentations and an exhibition area, the main focus of the conference is networking.

The last conference took place in Munich on 10- 11 September making it the first event from a partnership between Integrated Systems Europe […]

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Summer seminar 2015: nearly one week to combine work with relaxation in an ecological environment!

Once or twice a year, Mereo’s team gets together in a spirit of conviviality for a few days.

This is structured around many meetings focusing mainly on corporate strategy, but these are coupled with more relaxing moments.

Thankfully, we can have faith in David GIUDICI, who is responsible for organizing the workshops, to offer us the best […]

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Daily DOOH Media Summit: a major event at London digital signage week 2015

Once again, London organized a special week of events focusing on the digital market: London Digital Signage Week.

For a few days, Digital out of home & digital signage were put forward through various events, especially on 19th May 2015. The participation of many partners and sponsors helped organizing the only Outdoor event that promotes, stimulates, […]

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FEPE: the worldwide meeting of outdoor advertising companies

As every year, the Federation European Publicite Exterieur (FEPE) organize an international congress with all of its members and partners. This year, the 56th FEPE Congress, entitled “Your Audience is waiting” was held from 10th to 12th June 2015 in Budapest, Hungary.

Elias BAUGUIL, Innovation Director and Luka DJUKIC, Consultant, represented Mereo, faithful member of FEPE.

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Digital Signage –No Alternative: an annual key event of the Russian digital Signage market

On 29th May 2015, Digisky and OVAB EUROPE organized the 5th international “digital signage-no alternative” conference in Moscow. This event was a good way to discover the Russian market and (D) OOH actors, to find new partners and start new businesses in Russia.

With more than 300 representatives from 140 companies, the conference allowed firms to […]

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