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Logo_MEREOMereo, leader in Revenue Management Consultancy and Software Solutions, supports major Sales Houses in analyzing their market, selling processes & client value in order to optimize their revenue.

With 15 years of experience in OOH & R/TV, Mereo also focuses on DOOH & Retail.

Our clients include major TV, radio and Outdoor advertising sales houses, as well as companies in the leisure industry.

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360-degree-arrows-300x300-resized-600.jpgMereo helps its clients increase their revenue by providing a large range of optimization techniques. These tools assist sales houses in choosing the right price, allowing them to sell their premium inventory at its true value while avoiding unsold resources.

We have gathered the skills and experience needed to guide our clients through all stages of revenue optimization.

Due to recent market trends and the rise of programmatic selling, sales houses (OOH / DOOH / Retail) face numerous new challenges and client needs :

  • Increasing need for flexibility and tailor-made offers,
  • Integration of audience data and its use to add value,
  • Dynamic pricing and evolution of the granularity of Sales Houses’ offer.

Mereo adresses these issues by applying a smooth and step by step approach for the transition of Sales Houses to the programmatic world. We care to optimize each part of the buying process while keeping into account the needs of both sales houses and advertisers.

Based in Paris, Mereo has assembled an expert consulting and engineering team experienced in the implementation of Revenue Management solutions in the media and leisure industries.

Our process

Watch our process

We help our clients increase their revenue

through all stages of revenue optimisation

Assess areas for optimisation

through a flash audit

Identify appropriate optimisation practices

in the specific context of our client

Assess potential incremental profit

based on quantitative and qualitative analysis

Implement “quick wins”

to make the appropriation of process easier

Define operationnal process

and management rules

Select the best

IT solution

Configure and implement

the selected IT solution

Provide advice in

change management

Implement yield management

operational processes

Your smart partner for

your optimization project

  • All stages of revenue optimization process are covered by Mereo knowledge
  • From profit assessment to process improvement, tools integration, implementation, maintenance and support, as well as staff training

Our services

  • Mereo can offer you different services from 3 sphere of skills our teams have developped for 15 years


Our consulting team would focus on :

  • opportunity assessment

  • project management

  •  support & training

Data Mining & Modeling

Our data mining & modelling team provides :

  • quantitative analysis

  • forecasting

  • scenario modelling.

Development and R&D

Our development team is responsible of Mereo IT solution :

  • development

  • implementation

  • support

Our clients

  • Our clients are sales house from TV, Radio and Outdoor sector & leisure/hotel sector

Our partners

  • Our partners come from education, innovation & business spheres
Mereo has obtained the Eureka Label for one of its innovative projects
Mereo is a partner of Centrale Paris – engineering school
Mereo is member of Digital Media Club which federate actors of digital media sector
Mereo is a partner of Université de Savoie – Yield Management Department