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Accueil » The Good Life: Mereo, because I’m worth it!

The Good Life: Mereo, because I’m worth it!

Nearly 10 years ago, Mereo embarked on the journey of transforming its governance system. Based on principles of collective intelligence and “liberated company”, our organization lets everyone take responsibility, be a part of the decision-making process and contribute where they feel they have something to bring to the group.
After successive improvements over the years, we are increasingly seeing the benefits of our shared governance system, both on a personal and on a professional level. The collective attention induced by this system encourages all Mereo members to collaborate, innovate and constantly surpass themselves.

In this first episode of our “The Good Life” series dedicated to Mereo’s corporate governance, we address the often-thorny subject of salaries and raises.

This topic, taboo in some companies, creates opaque processes that repeatedly lead to lack of understanding and frustration among employees. 

Within the hierarchy, it is never easy to have to justify a difference in salary between two employees … So how to approach this subject with more serenity?

Mereo has managed to tackle this delicate issue by implementing a collective decision-making process. Elias explains the early stages of this transformation in the following video.

The above video is part of the Open Opale channel, an independent collective dedicated to new organization systems, managerial innovation, and individual and collective transformation.

Want to learn more? Discover our governance system. Elias and the entire Mereo team are also at your disposal for any questions. So feel free to contact us