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Accueil » Are you a member of the RM Club?

Are you a member of the RM Club?

Mereo has been a member of the RM Club for several years now. We enjoy the quarterly meetings which combine networking and exchange of best practice.

Today we interview Marie Herbert Gazon, president of the club, who will tell us a bit more about this French gathering of experts!

We hope to see you there. 😉

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a few words about the RM Club and its objectives?

I’m Marie Herbert Gazon. After 8 years of Revenue Management in the leisure industry for luxury establishments in France, the UK and Italy, I moved to the media sector by joining JC Decaux.

The RM Club aims to emulate its members via our quarterly conferences that promote the exchange of best practice and the discovery of Revenue Management from various standpoints. The other benefit of the club is to be part of a network of yield professionals, which makes it easier to share opportunities for career development.

What motivated you to get involved in the organization of the RM Club?

Nearly two years ago, the RM Club was looking for someone to replace the outgoing president. No one came forward and it seemed unthinkable to me that the Club could end, given the attachment a lot of people have developed over the years, the web of information it provides and the network it represents. So, I volunteered.

Who can attend the events? What do they look like?

We currently host our conference and networking events by videoconference due to the health situation. But we traditionally meet in person for a conference followed by a cocktail for networking. The conference usually lasts 1h30 with the Q&A, and then networking goes on for as long as the attendants wish!

The attendants are members of the club and invited speakers.

What are the planned topics for the next events of the club?

We would like to highlight Revenue Management in the short-term rental and sport sectors. We are always looking for speakers, so feel free to come forward, all Revenue Management related topics are worth exploring.

What are your projects for the club?

I’d love to see a LinkedIn page with interesting content for members of the club. I still haven’t found someone to manage it. Maybe you?

Why join the RM Club?

We like to navigate the various industries where Revenue Management exists and move from technical issues to more high-level ones, to let all the members of the club find subjects that are relevant to them according to their context and progress. Whether you are new to the business or have 25 years of experience, there will surely be a topic that will interest you at some point. Furthermore, the large network provided by the club will let you meet professionals who can help you progress in your career, may it be through informed discussions or job offers.

Any final words?

We are counting on your participation to make the RM Club ever more alive by joining us, participating in conferences, intervening as a speaker, suggesting potential speakers, or even hosting our LinkedIn page.

If you’re still not a member of the club but would like to become one, here is the link.

If you think you can contribute in one way or another, contact us at:

Yieldly yours!