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The right decision at the right time

All businesses want to improve their fill rates and maximize their profits at the same time. Very often, we find that decisions are taken by intuition or by vague experience. However yield management methods have proven their effectiveness in various industries: leisure, transports (airline, seafaring, rail and road), media (outdoor advertising, TV, radio, web, etc.) and many others.

Based on a precise analysis of the figures, coupled with a solid knowledge of the market and an irreproachable organisation, the implementation of a revenue management strategy should be part of the vision of all companies.

Want to see how difficult it is for a revenue manager to make the right decisions without a solid yield management system? Have fun with our yielder game!


The Yielder Game

In practice, a media owner faces several challenges:

  • A large inventory to sell, each asset perishable as it has to be sold before its broadcasting date.
  • Prices that can change daily due to multiple factors.
  • Many decisions to take every day, with the need to react fast.

Do you think you have what it takes? Our yielder game lets you step into the shoes of a revenue manager for a few minutes.

Setting up a robust yield management system will save your teams a lot of trouble and time loss. Mereo is ready to help you face that challenge! Discover our Revenue Management solutions.