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Accueil » Thank you Christophe Monroy

Thank you Christophe Monroy

Last week we lost one of our own after a nearly year-long battle with illness.

Christophe was our cofounder, our colleague, our brother-in-arms, our friend. We will miss him terribly.

We want to express our gratitude to all of our clients, former colleagues, partners and business relations for their support in these difficult times.
Special and heartfelt thanks to Ocean Outdoor for the wonderful way they honored Christophe on more than 150 of their screens throughout the UK at the moment of his funeral. Christophe’s family and all of us at Mereo were deeply moved by it. You guys are incredible people and we are proud to be your partners.

Ocean Outdoor’s tribute to Christophe

These few words are little next to the sadness of him not being here anymore, but we hope they will serve as a small tribute to a great man.

Christophe is our colleague, our cofounder, our self-proclaimed “tyrannical project leader”, and most importantly our friend.

He’s someone who always wants to be right. And to be fair, he often is.

He’s also passionate about manipulation. Yes, you read that right - he has closely studied Machiavel and all his disciples. We’ve never had the courage to tell him this, but... he is rather bad at manipulation. He is far too honest for that, and he is right far too often for people to do anything else than what he says.

And Christophe is someone who profoundly cares about people. He listens attentively and with consideration, even to complaints, only to better tickle the egos with love and humour. With Christophe we think, we grow, we laugh, we say “merde” with elegance and subtlety. Some would say that he has genius.

If we speak about him in the present tense, it’s because through all the moments of life that we shared with him we now embody him in our ways.

He has moved us, inspired us, convinced us, and made us live. Meeting him changed us and made us wiser and happier people.
He has been a landmark for us in the everchanging ecosystem that is Mereo, his “baby”.
And he will remain a landmark for us in the larger ecosystem that is life.

So Christophe, to thank you, we will live and make you live, we will honor your memory via the stories that you told us and that now resonate through us.

Long may you live!

The Mereo family