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Our management organization is based on Holacracy

Holacracy is a system of organizational governance in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a fractal holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested at the top of a hierarchy.

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Abraham ToledanoFounder & CEO
Abraham has over 20 years of experience in IT consulting and development of revenue optimisation solutions. He has implemented revenue optimisation techniques for a number of companies in the media, leisure and hospitality industries.
Prior to founding mereo, he worked for Accenture, where he specialized in revenue management.
Abraham graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris.
Christophe MonroyIT Director
Christophe has over 25 years of experience in software development.
After working as an independent consultant, Christophe co-funded mereo, and designed the different software architectures which are supporting mereo’s products. Christophe spreads his experience and vision of pragmatic and durable development in mereo’s team.
Christophe has a master degree in fundamental computer science from the University Pierrre et Marie Curie (Paris).
David GiudiciSales & Finance Director
David has over 15 years of experience in e-marketing and channel marketing software companies as Senior EMEA Consultant and Sales Manager. After 5 years as CEO, David joined Mereo in 2013 as CFO and since 2014 he also manages Mereo sales team.
David is graduated in Master 2 in International Law, Sorbonne University Paris.
Elias BauguilBusiness Consultant
Elias shaped his personality as a professional sportsman while he studied industrial ingineering. Since Elias joined mereo in 2011 he leverages his taste for optimisation and RM expertise to help mereo’s clients improve revenue and sales processes. Elias has been involved in different consulting projects and is an active participant to mereo’s R&D.
His different experiences in theater and handball also give him a particular sensitivity to improve teamwork and communication among mereo and its project setting up holacracy and Nonviolent Communication.
Elias graduated from INSA Lyon.
Emmanuel DelmasureSoftware Engineer
Emmanuel has over 20 years of experience in software development and R&D, he is an expert on J2EE and Open Source ecosystems.
Since he joined the Mereo team, he mainly works on the future Mereo applications, as solutions for allocation optimization. Prior to joining Mereo, he worked for Berger-Levrault as a member of the R&D team and as a project manager on SAAS applications.
Emmanuel has postgraduate degrees in computing sciences from Toulouse University.
Guilhem LobreConsulting Director
Guilhem has over 6 years of experience as project director and senior consultant on opportunity assessment & change management missions regarding Revenue Management process transformations or tool implementations in the media, hospitality and tourism industries. Guilhem is also responsible for mereo’s strategy application, consulting services & business development, P&L follow-up, strategic partnerships, R&D policy, as well as general management matters.
Guilhem graduated from University of Savoy.
Julien AugrisProject Manager & Software Engineer
Julien has over 12 years of experience in software development of revenue optimisation solutions.
He joined Mereo a few months after its foundation and he has worked on revenue optimisation implementation for all mereo clients in media, leisure and hospitality industries.
Julien graduated from Ecole des Mines Saint-Etienne.
Mamadou KantéSenior Developer
Mamadou has over 9 years of experience in software development of revenue optimisation solutions.
Enthusiastic about new technologies, Mamadou joined Mereo in 2006 and worked on most of mereo’s latest projects (R&D, upgrade and maintenance) for clients in Outdoor media, RTV and hospitality industries. Mamadou has specialized in Oracle database administration and linux server exploitation.
Mamadou has a bachelor degree in computer science from l’Ecole nationale de commerce de Paris.
Nicolas MédardSenior Developer
Nicolas has over 10 years of experience in software development of revenue optimisation solutions.
He joined Mereo in 2006 and worked on revenue optimization maintenance and upgrade for clients in Outdoor media and hospitality industries.
Nicolas graduated from IUT of Nantes in computer science.
Pascal ThomasSoftware engineer
Pascal has over 24 years of experience in software development.
Pascal is a former Berger-Levrault project manager working in the R&D cell. His overall responsibilities included the charge of supporting computer applications such as deployment, administration and automated update. He is an expert in network, database, infrastructure, storage and virtualization. Pascal joined mereo in 2012.
Pascal has an Engineer degree in Computer Science and Robotics from University of La Rochelle.