A modular solution

Our product suite covers all of our client’s processes. It is modular and open, offering total flexibility to choose only the relevant modules and customise them according to its internal structure, legacy systems and sales strategy.

Deal PilotDue diligence concept

A sales strategy support tool designed to help you assess client value rapidly and accurately :

  • access relevant indicators on actual client booking behaviour
  • cross and aggregate figures and benefit from advanced comparison
  • clustering and ranking functionalities



Deal Management

Signing a contract

This tool evaluates the profitability of long term contracts in function of :

  • client objectives
  • flexibility
  • behaviour
  • ratings

…and generates alternative proposals.

Statistical Forecast Next semester business forecast or planning concept

It employs the most recent forecasting techniques, enabling any type of input variable. It efficiently and seamlessly combines the forecasts of your experts with the forecasting model, and allows you to obtain actionable results at several operational levels.

Your forecasts are refreshed daily with the most recent booking information and can be used for daily recommendations in Mereo’s Availability Management module.



Adjust sales budget conceptBudget Forecast

It enables your sales house to rapidly combine historical information and your latest experts’ forecasts. Data can be input and retrieved at any level of aggregation.


Alert ManagementNegative cash flow concept

This tool facilitates systematic inventory and client monitoring. Intelligent alerts based on any type or combination of criteria (fill rate, revenue, price and discount rate, audience, client-specific, etc.).

Original visual access to your planning status through custom screens, enabling multi-level organisation and task priorisation.



Availability ManagementSell or wait question

It issues daily instructions for your scheduling team and booking system based on the latest booking information. It allows any type of recommendation, and supports user-defined rules and exceptions as well as automated instructions based on forecasts.

It features a cutting edge proprietary optimisation algorithm for bid price calculation.

Campaign Allocation & QuotationFlow control, conversion funnel

A campaign planning and quotation module which optimises usage of your display devices.

It combines client objectives and demand pressure information to propose campaign scenarios maximising your  revenue while meeting client targets.



Rote Kugel mit PyramideBreak Out Management (outdoor advertising sector only)

It supports your sales house in systematically managing break out decisions based on sound business analysis. Compare expected revenue of parent-packages to that of child-packages, and continuously monitor your inventory by linking this information to Mereo’s Alert Management and Availability Management modules.


State of the art architecture

our solution is an advanced three-tier J2EE application. This makes it a flexible, scalable, and portable solution, easy to integrate.

Component and object-oriented development

provides genuine modularity, flexibility and the capacity to evolve.

Dedicated batch architecture

mereo’s optimised batch architecture ensures fast and effective overnight processing as well as during business hours.

Innovative client

Based on XML model and java components, it provides rich extended GUI capabilities like user workspace customisation, master/slave paradigm, multilingual support and customisation.