Once more, Mereo held an original company seminar for the greatest pleasure of its members.

Mereo, consulting firm in Yield Management, publishes software aiming to optimize the revenue generated by media sales houses.

In order to strengthen team spirit and discuss strategic and organizational issues, Mereo invited all of its members to spend a week in snowy Cantal for the 2016 Winter Seminar. For 5 days, all employees gathered in a welcoming mountain lodge. Held once to twice a year, these seminars take place in the most unusuals places.

Setting aside revenue management, Mereo's team talked strategy and organization, key topics for the company given its particular corporate governance system – holacracy.

This governance model was partly introduced to make day-to- day work easier for teams spread throughout the country : Mereo has an office in Paris, another one in Lavaur, and some of its members are teleworking from multiple French regions.

Given this geographic distance, it is important to find regular opportunities for members of the team to meet at the same place and in an enjoyable setting.