The 2nd New York Digital Signage Week took place November 2-6, 2015. This year, DOOH (Digital Out of Home) was in the spotlight. Like for London Digital Signal Week, the event’s European counterpart, Mereo and numerous Anglo-Saxon industry players attended the annual meeting.

The speakers focused on DOOH and digital displays in the Retail industry. They highlighted pioneer static and digital advertising campaigns in different contexts, with an ROI analysis for advertisers and media agencies.

Mereo, provider of Revenue Management software for D/OOH, was represented by David GIUDICI – Sales Director, and Elias BAUGUIL – Innovation Director.  The meeting was an opportunity to present Mereo’s new Yield or Revenue Management System (RMS) intended for sales houses in OOH, DOOH or Retail.

Mereo’s software – Price & Place – optimizes revenue for sales houses by predicting future demand. It provides floor and recommended prices for each campaign, taking into account client value. Price & Place maximizes profitability for the sales house while guaranteeing client satisfaction.

New York  Summit ended with a cocktail reception held by PETER J SOLOMON COMPANY – Investment Banking. Elias and David took the opportunity to discuss revenue optimization issues with key players of the industry.

Although Mereo was the only French company presents at this event, David and Elias had the pleasure of meeting Jérôme Lefevre, President of the Digital Media Club of which Mereo is a member, at the cocktail reception.

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